Seminário Prof. Christian Prins, da Universidade de Tecnlogia de Troyes, França (2/10/2014)

Na quinta-feira, 2 de outubro de 2014, na sala de seminários do DECOM, teremos a palestra com o Professor Christiam Prins, da Universidade de Tecnologia de Troyes, França.

Título: Order-first split-second methods for vehicle routing problems

Autor: Prof. Christian Prins

Laboratoire d'Optimisation des Systèmes Industriels

Université de Technologie Troyes


Cluster-first route-second methods like the sweep heuristic (Gillett and Miller, 1974) are well known in vehicle routing. They determine clusters of customers compatible with vehicle capacity and solve a traveling salesman problem for each cluster. The opposite approach, called route-first cluster-second, builds a TSP tour (also called giant tour) covering all customers and splits it into feasible trips. Cited as a curiosity for a long time but lacking numerical evaluations, this technique has led to successful solution methods for various vehicle routing problems in the last decade. As many implementations define an ordering of the customers instead of building really a giant tour, such algorithms are better called order-first split-second methods. The talk will present the principles of these approaches and examples of applications, from simple cases to less obvious contexts.

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